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Majili (2019) 720p WEBRip Hindi Dubbed x264 AAC ESUBS

Majili 2019

Majili 2019

majili 2019 – A former cricket player nursing his wounds of a failed relationship takes up the task of training his ex-lover’s daughter and in the process discovers his feelings towards his wife and her unrequited love for him.

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Language – Hindi




Majili 2020

Poorna, who lives in Vizag, aspires to play for the India Cricket Team and wants to initially get selected for the local railway team. While trying to get money to get into a cricket team, he runs into Anshu, and after some misunderstandings, they become close and fall in love. However, they later get separated by Anshu’s parents and the circumstances that plague them: Anshu, who promises to return to Poorna, never comes back. Poorna falls into a depressed state, turning to alcohol for his pain and pushing away his cricket career.

Meanwhile, Sravani, Poorna’s neighbour, had been in love with Poorna, which he is unaware of. When she had learned of Poorna’s love for Anshu, she had been distancing herself from him, but she marries him after a few years after seeing his and his father’s pain. Poorna marries Sravani due to pressure from his father but maintains his distance and does not go to work, instead reliving his memories with Anshu and relying on Sravani’s salary for money to buy alcohol.

When Poorna goes to Dehradun to help select some cricket players for the youth team, he encounters Meera, Anshu’s daughter. He learns of Anshu and her husband Kunal’s passings in an accident and agrees to take Meera back with him to Vizag for cricket training. While training Meera, Poorna and Sravani decide to adopt Meera so that she can participate in the local railway team and follow her passion for cricket. However, Meera says that she will only agree if Poorna and Sravani act like a husband and wife and not strangers, which they agree to.

During this time, Poorna realizes Sravani’s pain and her love for him, deciding to leave behind his painful memories and start a new chapter. However, Sravani is not convinced that Poorna has changed, and she decides to get a job transfer to Bhubaneswar, leaving Poorna behind. When Poorna goes to drop Sravani off at the railway station, he tells that he has changed and has understood Sravani’s love, and that he was actually going to tell her that he loves her, but she has decided to leave. Sravani decides to stay, and they embrace, finishing Poorna’s journey (Majili) towards love.


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