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Ice Quake 2010

Ice Quake 2010

Ice Quake 2010: A colossal methane explosion in Alaska threatens to put an end to life on Earth and military geologist Michael Webster enlists the help of an Army Colonel in finding a way to contain its effects…
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Ice Quake is a 2010 television action film written by David Ray and directed by Paul Ziller and shown on the Syfy channel.[1] It stars Brendan Fehr, Holly Dignard, Jodelle Ferland, Ryan Grantham and Rob LaBelle.

Set primarily in Alaska, the film follows the members of a family caught amidst a natural disaster. As the permafrost thaws, subterranean rivers of liquid methane and disastrous earthquakes are unleashed, threatening to lead the Earth to a catastrophic end.

Ice Quake is an action film about the Alaskan landscape Under the permafrost, organic materials have been rotting for thousands of years and the compound is very deadly to the planet. As the permafrost thaws, volatile liquid methane and gases are released which causes a succession of destructive earthquakes. A family ends up going to this Alaskan landscape on the hunt for a Christmas tree, hoping to have fun, and unfortunately finds out firsthand how deadly this can be.

As they are exploring these mountains, their dog runs away for an unknown reason and soon after there is an explosion of gas from underneath the ice that ends up causing an avalanche. The family has to run for their lives. The father takes charge and tries to lead them to safety when suddenly another tremor occurs.

This time, it causes the ground to split open, creating a deep ravine dividing the family apart – the parents on one side and two children on the other. They cannot group back together as there is dangerous gas flowing out the ravine so the father tell them to go to the summit and wait for rescue. The children head up to top to then find out there is a storm on their way causing more concern. The younger brother suggests they keep moving until they can stop at a safe place

As this chaos is going on, the military based around the mountain are investigating the tremors. At first believed the tremors were being caused by earthquakes but then discover that there have been no tectonic movements and nothing has showed on the Richter scale. They then thought it could have been a volcano eruption causing this but also ends up to be false. It is a race against time to stop these harmful liquids and gases before it leads to a catastrophic explosion that threatens the planet.[1]


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